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I liiiiiiiiive!!!

Some of you may have noticed that I kind of disappeared off the face of the Earth about a month ago.  For those who don't know, I was studying for the New York Bar Exam, which I took a week and a half ago.  It's a two day test and the first day was on my birthday. 

(Thanks to everyone who offered their happy birthday wishes!  I'm sorry I didn't reply individually, but I was pretty much 100% psycho for about a week before and a week after the day.) 

Anyway, for anyone who wants to know, I think I passed but don't want to make any firm predictions seeing as half the people who take it fail.  I'll find out in November.

Now for the fun news!  I'm not starting work until October, so I'm taking the two months until then and renting a flat in Florence.  I arrived today and it's simply fabulous, and I'm going to do a ton of writing and relaxing and pretty much nothing else for the next few months!  This means I should be able to start doing Stargateland stuff again.  Also, at the top of my list is finally writing those auction fics for lynnylou and somehowunbroken that I've owed them for months and months.

On a totally random note, how awesome is Rizzoli and Isles this season?? Not only is it slashier than ever, but the writing's actually good!

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