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My Masterlist of Fics and Fanvids

This list contains all of the fanfiction and fanvids I have posted on Livejournal.  It does not contain any of the WiPs I have posted at either of my fanfiction.net accounts.  I own none of the fandoms that are represented here.  If you enjoy my work, please drop me a comment letting me know!


The Circle of Life (SGA): A montage of the first three seasons of SGA set to "The Circle of Life."

Disney Women: Not Your Average Chicks (Disney): A montage of Disney chicks set to Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman."

Easy Silence (Rizzoli and Isles): Jane takes comfort in the easy silence she shares with Maura.  Set to the Dixie Chicks' "Easy Silence."

Pinky and the Brain; or, The Thief and the Mastermind (Leverage): Parker and Nate are Pinky and the Brain.

Scar Just Can't Wait to be King (Disney): "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from Scar's perspective.

Something There (SGA): Being Dr. Rodney McKay's entirely accurate account of the epic love affair between Todd the Wraith and Lt. Col. John Sheppard (because Sheppard is totally a Disney princess). Set to "Something There" from Beauty and the Beast.

Super Sheppard Pegasus Galaxy (SGA): Super Sheppard protects the Pegasus Galaxy. Set to the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

Wayward Son (SGA): A vid following John Sheppard in the episode "Vegas." Set to Kansas' "Carry on Wayward Son."

Wonderful Tonight (Rizzoli and Isles): Jane and Maura aren't dating.  Really.


Foundations of Envy: It's not easy growing up with Jack Bauer as your younger brother.  Three snapshots from Jack and Graem's childhood.

Home (SGA/SG-1): During a hostage situation, Jack Bauer meets Jack O'Neill's clone and together they kick butt.

Saying Farewell: Before his own death, Philip Bauer attends two of Jack's funerals. 

30 Rock

The Enemy of My Enemy is a Lemon: In an AU where Devon Banks was made Vice President of East Coast Television Programming (but not Microwave Ovens!), Jack Donaghy meets Devon’s subordinate-slash-date, Liz Lemon, at Gerhardt Hapsburg’s birthday party. They bond over a common goal: bringing Devon down.

Expectations of Fatherhood: When Jack finds out he has a five-year-old child, who does he turn to for help?  Lemon, of course.  A reversal of the usual Liz-has-a-child stories. (WIP)

The Focus Group Made Me Do It: “I’ve spoken with a focus group, and they think that you and I belong together.”

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day, Lemon: Jack watches over Liz while she recovers from anesthesia.

Love Is...: Love hurts, sometimes.  Sometimes it heals, too.

A Perfect Lemon-Donaghy Christmas: Jack/Liz futurefic for michellek .

Years Later: Years later, Jack and Liz meet again.  Angsty.


Strange Collaborations: A "missing two years" AU.  What if Julia had had a different partner during her missing years?  Sydney/Sloane.

alias500  responses:

Separation, Rewind #1, Rewind #2, Another Century #1, Another Century #2, Water, Lost and Found, Haunted, Therapy, Chain of Command, Holiday #1, Holiday #2, Temptation, Mentor

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Fleet Resurrection: What if Starbuck joined the crew of the Pegasus before the cylons attacked?  AU from pre-series through Resurrection Ship.

Seven Days in Libris: Four years before the mini-series, two lonely souls meet in a bar in Libris.  Starbuck/Adama.

The Making of a Starbuck: One shot AU set pre-mini. Kara Thrace finds her way onto the Galactica as a teenager, and the plot unfolds from there.

While You Still Can: What if Starbuck had admitted her guilt in Zak's death much earlier?  Pre-mini.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A Slayer in Camelot
(Merlin): Buffy's first thought upon waking was: Why is Giles wearing chainmail?  Buffy's dive off of Glory's tower takes her somewhere she never expected.

Just One of Those Missions (SG-1): It's just one of those days, for an SG-1 that includes Buffy Summers.  Buffy and Carter have to rescue Jack and Teal'c from a Goa'uld mothership.  Oh, and there's crocodiles.

The Once and Future Watcher (Merlin): Rupert Giles is not the man he once was.  Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he is not the man he will be.  He is not the man he should be, but he has a son, a kingdom, and a mission, and for now it’s enough.


When Russell Met Lilo; or, When Dug Met Stitch: Exactly what it sounds like.


A Crichton Christmas
: John Crichton holds on to his favorite holidays, even in the worst of times. Set sometime in late Season 2. For somehowunbroken .


Carnival Attractions
: The Sullivan Bros. Carnival comes to Costa Verde a month after the events at Kirby Plaza, and Claire's world changes.  Claire/Samuel. Explicit.

Change the World:  My take on the events leading up to the Claire/Peter confrontation at the beginning of the Season 3 premiere.

Clarity of Purpose: How HRG came to see Claire as his daughter. 

Needs Must: Claire meets amnesiac!Sylar at the carnival. Porn ensues.

Wanted: Claire didn't know what she was getting into when she joined Samuel's family.  Claire/Sylar, Claire/Samuel. Explicit.


Being Sophie: The creation, blossoming, and eventual discarding of Sophie Devereaux.

Broken: Maggie's perspective on her past with Nate.  leverageland  challenge response.

Conversation in a Holding Cell (Lie to Me): Sequel to Honest When It Counts.  Sterling hires Cal to read Nate's mind after arresting Nate in The Maltese Falcon Job.  Little does he know that the two of them are old pals.

An Exercise in Exasperation: The team goes to the movies.  This is more difficult than it sounds.  TWP: team!fic without plot.

Honest Enough: The Leverage team from an outsider's POV.  leverageland  challenge response.

Honest When It Counts (Lie to Me): Dr. Cal Lightman is asked to attend a party and determine whether the guests are who they say they are.  He meets a group of people who very clearly aren't.  Now with a sequel!

How to Housebreak Your Team: In which Parker gets a pet and the rest of the team has a panic attack.

An Ill-Fated Partnership
(White Collar): Nate Ford and Peter Burke team up to hunt down a stolen Monet.  Things do not go as planned.  caperland  challenge response.

A Kind of Kindness
: Parker wishes for a time machine.  Nate makes his amends in the present.  A Parker-reflects-on-Nate fic.

Lessons in Being a Man: Mom tells him there's nothing in the world more important than honor.  Dad shows him how to cheat at cards.

A Little Protective and a Little Bit Pissed: Episode tag to The Maltese Falcon Job.  Eliot has a thing or two to say to Nate.  leverageland   challenge response.

The Matchmaker Job: One job that never made it past the planning stage.  In which Parker is the mastermind, Hardison has his doubts, Eliot doesn't get to hit anyone, and Nate wishes he didn't get up in the morning.

More Arthur Than The Sheriff: "I am not the Sheriff of Nottingham to Nate Ford's Robin Hood."  Sterling sets the record straight.

A Perfect Halloween: In which Nate is overprotective, Maggie is reasonable, and Sam is Sterling. For atatteredrose .

A Small Measure of Happiness: Even after all the good he's done, Nate finds that happiness evades him.  His team tries to help.  Written for a leverageland  challenge with the prompt "happy," but not entirely a happy fic.

Star-Crossed Allies: Before Nate and Eliot became part of the same team, they were friends, enemies, and allies.  Or, four times Eliot and Nate interacted before the Nigerian Job and one time after.

The Triumph of Evil (Stargate): The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for Nate Ford to become host to a Goa’uld.

Uncommon Denominator: Before the Nigerian Job, Nate was their common denominator.

The Unforgiving Truth: The team faces some hard truths about their attitudes toward Nate and Eliot.  A fix it for some issues I've been having with this season through The Double Blind Job.

Until the End of the World: Eliot watches Nate, and wants.  Angsty.

Whatever It Takes: Episode tag to The Scheherazade Job
.  Hardison and Nate have a little talk.  Team!fic.

Where the Law Leaves Off: He’d seen her like that once before, when that charlatan psychic had exposed her deepest, darkest secret for all the world to see. Eliot had wanted to kill the man, then. Just like he wanted to kill whoever had put that look in her eyes now. Written for celtic_flicka .

You Can Lead a Parker to Water, But You Can't Keep Her From Blowing Up The Stream: You'd think by now they'd know that Parker just doesn't think the way they do.

Lie to Me

Conversation in a Holding Cell (Leverage)

Honest When It Counts (Leverage)

Mending: Missing scene for Delinquent.  Cal stays the night at Gillian's after she's attacked.  Cal/Gillian friendship, H/C, UST.

Seven Years: Ria ponders Cal and Gillian's friendship in light of the revelations in Sweet Sixteen. She comes to a startling and appealing realization.  Then Reynolds forces her to see the truth, which is not so pleasing.  Angsty.


A Slayer in Camelot

The Once and Future Watcher

Rizzoli and Isles

According to Plan: When Hoyt told Maura she was like him, he was flattering himself.  He was also more right than he knew.  Dark!Maura.

First Encounter: College AU.  Jane attends BCU.

Just Breathe: Episode tag to When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang.  One possible outcome.  Grim.

Male Bonding or Lack Thereof: Korsak and Frost attempt to bond.  Booze, it turns out, does not solve all problems.  Also, Frost is pretty sure that Dr. Isles is evil.

Oh, It's Love: Jane Rizzoli isn't a lesbian.  She simply happens to be in a loving and committed relationship with a woman.

The Seduction of Jane Rizzoli: Response to the prompt “Maura realising she's in love with Jane and then wooing her - happy ending required!” For onlyjustwhisper .


Actually, Love (Batman/Smallville): Four times John Sheppard and Bruce Wayne were not meant to be together, three times they were, and two times they lived happily ever after.

All In
(X-Men): "Let's just say that you wouldn't want to shake his hand." "Mister, he wouldn't want to shake mine." Rogue meets Todd and Sheppard.

The Best of a Bad Situation: Lorne and his team are trapped off-world on Christmas. Lorne/Parrish for clwilson2006 .

Freedom to Choose (Ender's Game): The battle is over, the war won—and Ender Wiggin’s life, it seems, is finished. Jack O’Neill presents him with an alternative. AU ending to the last chapter of Ender’s Game.

Five Christmases John Sheppard Spent on Atlantis and One He Almost Didn't: For stormylullabye .

A Gesture of Kindness: After Elizabeth Weir's death, Richard Woolsey comes to Atlantis to deliver a letter.  Episode tag to Lifeline.

Home (24)

How to Dispose of a Mars (Veronica Mars): How Jack O'Neill passed one of his favorite headaches on to Elizabeth Weir. Or, how Veronica Mars got sent to Atlantis.

In Flight: John Sheppard can fly anything, even a Pegasus.

Just One of Those Missions (BtVS)

Richard Woolsey and the Chocolate Atlantis: Because all floating cities should float on a sea of chocolate. And be made out of chocolate. *nods* Round robin fic written by members of Team Atlantis. Cracktastic SGA/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Fusion.

Stumbling into Decrepitude: A glimpse into life in Atlantis many years down the road.  Sheppard-centric teamfic.

The Triumph of Evil (Leverage)

Two SGA drabbles: Written for a stargateland  challenge. 

Wait for the River: After the events of Vegas, Todd escapes and takes a gravely injured Sheppard with him.  Hot on their trail is Jack O'Neill's clone, who will do whatever is necessary to take Todd down. Set in the Vegas AU.


All of my X-Men fics are Rogue/Magneto.

A Day in the Life: Sequel to Envelopment.

Against All Expectations:
After X3, Rogue and Bobby choose to leave the X-Men and go off on their own. An exploration of their relationships with each other, the Brotherhood, and Magneto.

All In (SG-1): Not Magneto/Rogue.

And It Was So: AU of the first movie.  What if Magneto and Rogue had met under different circumstances and the X-Men were never involved?

Captive: After X3, Magneto struggles to rebuild the Brotherhood.  They bring back an interesting captive.

Checkmate: What if Rogue didn't get the cure in X3?

Envelopment: What if Rogue was captured when Stryker's men invaded the mansion in X2?

For Sentimental Reasons: My one and only songfic.

Instruction: After X1, Magneto is paroled with the stipulation that he live at the X-Men mansion.  Xavier makes him teach Rogue to use her powers.

Liberation: Years later, Rogue teaches her mutant students about the history of Liberation Day.

Young Wizards

A Touch of Entropy: A college student is seduced by her teacher; or, a former wizard is pursued by the Lone Power.

Tags: alias500, crossover, fanvid, fic: 24, fic: 30 rock, fic: alias, fic: bsg, fic: btvs, fic: farscape, fic: heroes, fic: leverage, fic: lie to me, fic: merlin, fic: rizzoli and isles, fic: sg1, fic: sga, fic: veronica mars, fic: x-men, fic: young wizards
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